Sterilisation container

Sterilisation container

Hard Top Box

Tough, smart handling

The advanced sterile container from Innovations Medical: its design is unbeatable, handling is effortless and you benefit from safety and quality during sterilization A sustainable, responsible and stable investment. Independent tests confirm the functional, safety and quality advantages of the Hard Top Box. In the dry cycle, the aluminum alloy is superior to any plastic solution. The sterile container from Innovations Medical tops all relevant standards and meets the highest requirements of the healthcare market.

Protective mechanism

Protective mechanism

Perfection with attention to detail

Our quality standards are reflected in every detail of the Hard Top Box – from the design to the clear labeling of the contents and the protective mechanisms to ensure safety.

Classically with a seal or automatically during sterilization via an optional thermolock.

Filter display
Visual recognition of the inserted filter disks.

Complete, standard-compliant sterilization | incorruptible control with seal | clear coding with colour labels | fully visible, large identification fitting | for identification and protocol label | smooth surfaces prevent the risk of injury

The lid

The lid

Perfect safety

The first of its kind! Precisely milled from a solid block of aluminum. A high degree of shape and stability – created for tough everyday use.

  • Ergonomically simple handling
  • Precise stacking
  • Fast, safe use
  • Smooth contours with flowing transitions


  • ... to just a few add-on parts
  • ... the testing effort
  • ... the drying time in the sterilizer
  • ... the effort required to change the seal
  • ... the maintenance costs
The tub

The tub


  • With heavy-duty carrying handle
  • Form-fit connection of the ID fitting to the tray without rivets or screws (innovative TOX clinch connections make leak testing of the tray unnecessary)
  • With support when stacking the sterile containers
  • The interior offers sufficient space for all standard tray sizes
  • The thickness of the tray material is optimally designed for drying and handling
  • No adhesive forces due to excessively large sealing surfaces between lid and tray
Identification fittings

Identification fittings

Label marking for each sterile container


  • Freely selectable fittings on both sides
  • Unique solution
  • Secure hold for label and protocol label
  • On request with additional clip for attaching additional information

The container that adapts to your requirements in terms of size, identification and filter system



Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious:
Safety by innovation

The EasyStop system without consumption filter. With the EasyStop system, Innovations Medical is responding to growing demands for sterility, environmental protection and ease of handling. EasyStop stops microorganisms even more effectively than conventional disposable filters and can be used as often as required. The degree of separation achieved is 99.997%. All it takes to open or close the filter is a single movement: press in the filter cover, twist – and you made it.

The ring-ribbed labyrinth stops microbes, germs and particles in the aeration flow. The sterile goods remain permanently protected and ensure maximum patient safety.



Disposable paper filter
PTFE permanent filter

In addition to the filter cover with integrated sealing rings, there are additional sealing rings on the inside of the container lid as an absolutely unique feature. This means that our sterilization containers achieve a much higher level of impermeability.

Proven and optimized
Innovations Medical has further developed the successful system with spin-on filters. The proven filter media are used as a germ barrier. A logical safety mechanism locks the filter cover. This can be unlocked, locked and snapped into place with a simple twist and push movement. The locking status can be recognized at any time, making the system even safer.


Disposable filter


Permanent filter



Lid and identification plates

Individual colors
Choose from an extensive range.

With almost unlimited possibilities, individually with color, text and code.

The ph-resistant anodizing process.


Red lid


Gold lid


Green lid


Silver cover


Blue cover



Perfection in detail

Our quality standards are reflected in every detail of the Hard Top Box – from the design to the clear labeling of the contents and the protective mechanisms to ensure safety.

  • Economically sustainable investment that retains its value

  • Various sizes for individual requirements

  • Extremely sturdy lids and trays

  • Permanently maintenance-free and wear-free

  • No disposables (pasteurized loop) necessary

  • Lid seals are held securely in a mold groove, simple and quick replacement without glue



Various lids and heights



Various lids and heights



Various lids and heights



Various lids and heights

Sterilization containers from S to D for dental to XL



Various lids and heights



Various lids and heights

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